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The O Scale Resource November/December 2016 70 Good Evening. I received the latest issue and was happy to see the article about George Zrust's Pitttsburgh Railways Layout in the September/October 2016 issue. Pittsburgh is a neat system to model and research. However, when reading the article there were inaccuracies. It affects potential sales from my company which is also an advertiser in your publication. First Paragraph: "He saw some R&M die cast kits of PCC cars. These later became Ashland Car Works models" This is inaccurate and misleading. Top figure caption Page 41: "…originally made by R&M, and later Ashland Car Works." Inaccurate and misleading. Background: Ken Robbins built the master for the pre-war PCC shortly after Frank Muise came out with his Franklin Models Boston cars. Ken is the "R" in the R&M name. "Our first ad ran in Traction & Models magazine in April, 1970, I believe." "…we had to use Superior Models in Delaware." (for casting). I corresponded with Ken on 2/1/2016. I used Superior Casting to cast my Osgood Bradley Electromobile trolley kit. Mr. (Ian) John Carter was the owner of Superior. Superior Models produced the castings for the R&M PCC, the original Copetown Car Works kits (which were made by and owned by Herb Kephart and not the Copetown Car Works shop which only marketed the kits for Herb.) Jack Bailey purchased the Copetown Masters from Herb and proceeded to make those kits himself. He also had additional patterns made for other Chicago kits. Jack could not cast all of the CCW kit parts like the Brill semi-convertible roof which Jack could not make properly. Jack went to Superior to have the parts made. During conversations with John Carter John mentioned that he had an old mold for the PCC cars. John felt that it was "his" mold because he was not paid for that mold. Jack asked if John could cast these PCC cars for him. John made some castings for him and Jack marketed the car kits under the Ashland Car Works name. John also made the same castings for me and they were marketed under the Berkshire Car Shop name. Jack nor I purchased the mold. I later learned that Superior Models did not exist any more and the location of any of John's business molds or parts is a mystery. Most of the Ashland molds and patterns (CCW & Bailey) are currently owned by East Gary (Andy Sunderland). I still have PCC kits for sale. For the first paragraph, it would be correct to say: "…He saw some R&M die cast kits of PCC cars. These kits were later marketed by Ashland Car Works and The Berkshire Car Shop." on Page 41: "…originally made by R&M, and later marketed by Ashland Car Works and The Berkshire Car Shop." Sorry for taking so long, but I wanted to relate my First Hand Knowledge on this particular subject. We are still developing New projects including PCC models, Canadian LRV models, Trolley freight cars, building kits, Illinois Terminal models, etc. Regards, Edward G. Skuchas, PE, Owner The Berkshire Car Shop X Observations ((((((

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