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The O Scale Resource September/October 2019 13 even close. As a convert, I saved and reinstalled much of John Armstrong's and other historic layouts as part of my own layout after John's death (see the article on this in Great Model Railroads 2016). I served on the Board of the O Scale Kings, co-chaired three Indianapolis/SONC shows with Jim Canter and chaired the successful 2018 Rockville Maryland Scale O National Convention. I know a little about making things succeed and a good bit about how not to do it (we get the wisdom to make good decisions from experience, and we get experience by making bad decisions). I am a believer in and supporter of NMRA. I also head the Nickel Plate Historical and Technical Society in order to support my favorite road. I am setting up a blog to develop both strategy and tactics to restore two-rail O Scale to the prominent place in model railroading which it deserves. I need your ideas as to how to accomplish that. Everybody and every organization, from individual modelers through clubs through organizations, shows and manufacturers needs to have a role if we are to be successful. I know not everyone believes that such an effort is needed or, if needed, not everybody believes it can be successful. If you believe there is no problem, this is probably not the blog for you. If you believe that the problem became irreversible after Adams and Son closed its foundry, when Lobaugh failed to come back after WWII or when Walthers ceased publishing its O Scale Catalog, this is not for you either. I am looking for forward-looking, constructive involvement from any and all participants. I am looking for an interactive discussion on each of several topics – and some topics or sub-topics to be added later – on how to bend the curve for two-rail O Scale. Ideas. Proposals. Questions. Resources. Referrals to others. I will compile the postings, consolidate and edit them and transmit the results to OSR for publication. I will review each comment as it comes in and respond as appropriate. I will monitor the blog and reserve the full and unlimited right to delete or edit objectionable or off-topic material. At the end of this process, and with the help of interested participants, I expect to have the outline of a campaign to revitalize two-rail O Scale. To explore participation and obtain the blog information, please contact me at A scene on David Vaughn's beautiful layout. Save Our Scale Join a blog dedicated to Revitalizing two-rail O Scale Your Input Needed Inquiries to David Vaughn

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